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We offer thorough evaluations, adjustments, and treatments using an array of therapeutic modalities that include but are not limited to ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical tractions and cold and hot therapies.

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Adjustment / Physical Therapy Area
Our Therapeutic Processes & Techniques

At Harbor Health and Spa we practice traditional and non-force chiropractic methods.


One of our most popular techniques is our "Spinal Tune-Up." A Spinal Tune-Up is a quick and safe flexion/distraction chiropractic technique that promotes increased blood circulation through your 23 intervertebral discs.  We lose blood supply which formed our discs after our final growth spurt.  As we become more sedentary, our discs start to degenerate and shrink. The Spinal Tune-up is both a primary and maintenance treatment for the spine. Gentle towel traction/mobilization is used for the neck.




















Whether you’ve been injured, suffer from chronic pain or understand the preventive benefits of a “spinal tune-up", we can customize a treatment plan to address your particular needs.

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Did you Know?


Modern livings has created what is now known as the "text neck." It has become an epidemic and could permanently damage you neck if left untreated. 


Visit Dr. Sanders to treat this condition. You will look and feel better! 

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We happily accept most insurances.

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Initial Evaluation


Includes the initial evaluation, adjustment and treatment the doctor
deems necessary. 
Additional Appointments


Includes adjustment and treatments the doctor deems necessary.
Package #1


Includes the Initial Evaluation and 2 Follow-Up appointments.
Package #2


Includes the Initial Evaluations and 4 Follow-Up appointments.
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